Scratch: How fast are you?

The Game

This game measures how fast you can press a button after you see the cat changing. We will make the cat change from orange to red after a random amount of time. The program will show you the time between the change of the cat and you pressing the button.

Set up the Picoboard

Connect the Picoboard to the USB of your computer, start the Chrome browser with Scratch and get the programming blocks for the board by clicking More Blocks and choosing the Picoboard. Next connect the green board with the Picoboard on INPUT A.

Get the Preps

Modify the Cat (or any other) sprite to get red.

Program the Game

Now you need to code those three methods. You also need to create a variable, we name it green.

Try out the Game, it Should be Working

Challenge: Two Player Version

Now it is time to modify the game so that you can play it with a friend. Connect the red button to INPUT B first. The program will tell you how fast you and your friend were and who was faster.

Code for the Two Player Version

First save your One Player Game in Scratch and then make a copy of the One Player Game and save it with a new name.

In the new project you need to create a second variable. We name it red.

And Now Write the Code to Make the Game Happen

Here is the code. You can add the new blocks to the existing blocks, so it is faster done than you think.

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