Fischertechnik TXT: The barrier


The model consists of a motor controlled barrier with a traffic light and a light sensor.

When you are building the model, follow this order:

  1. Build the model step by step, if possible do partial tests
  2. Visual control of all cables before you start testing
  3. Use the Test Interface to verify all sensors and actors are working. Switch motors/lamps on and off manually and check if the sensors are working by simulating input signals and then checking the output on the Test Interface.
  4. Break the project down into smaller independent tasks, then code and test each module.
  5. For the software first start creating two functions, one opening and closing the barrier. First only focus on the barrier movement, then also add the traffic light
  6. Next put those functions into separate code units (i.e. functions, subroutines) and get the project running without the light sensor.
  7. Think on how to use the light sensor input and modify the main program. to establish the full functionality.

If you are facing problems, look here …

  • Is the motor turning the right direction? You may need to change the polarity, exchanging “+” and “-“.
  • Did you connect the switches in the right order? The switch reporting a closed barrier is connected to I2, the other switch reporting an open barrier is connected to input I3.
  • Does the cogwheel properly connect to the motor?

The final project


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